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Abstract and Speaker Management

Attracting and managing quality speakers is an integral part of the management process. At AST we like systems that are user friendly and encourage submissions from a broad range of potential participants.

AST can host an abstract submission database and provide indexed reports to the program committee or we can work with any other system you may use.

Manage Conference Proceedings

We can manage the process to publish proceedings in any format:

  • A fully edited book is a much more elaborate process where the editor solicits papers and sends them out for peer review, obtains revisions from authors, and selects the papers to publish in printed¬†book. ¬†The most popular option is for these publications to be ‘soft copy’ and published online
  • Publish speaker abstracts and biographies, with the program, a simple and more cost effective option
  • USB flash drive
  • Prepare the documentation for publication on a website

We can secure an ISBN number for any published proceedings that contain peer reviewed and other papers.

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