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Live webcasting & On-Demand Streaming Media

Not just video, not just audio, not just slides – now your event recording can include all aspects of the presentation in one complete package. We can create a true archive of the event, as it happened. Delivering the presentation on CD at the venue or live over the web, Mediavisionz / AST Management will extend the life of your event.

Streaming media applied to the conference arena enables the event to be distributed quickly, effectively and reliably. We offer you an end-to-end service whether you need to broadcast your AGM, seminar, training session, conference or product launch. Where ever there is an event being planned for face to face delivery, all we need is an audio feed, table and two chairs and the rest can be left to us.

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Live webcasting

Live broadcasting is a science, as any TV station operator will tell you. So too is live webcasting. We capture all the components of the presentation-video, audio, slides and event information and send it to servers for distribution. All you have to do is add or distribute a URL link and the presentation is LIVE to your target online audience. Our services can also include text question submission and real-time polling.

On-Demand Streaming Media

Record presentations with video and slides synchronised and published ready for viewing online within hours of the event closing. Whole conference, plenary and breakout rooms can also be recorded for online viewing or delivered on CDROM.


  • Custom Player Design
  • Custom Web Page design and hosting to launch presentation
  • Single Camera and Operator additional cameras and operators can be added along with live video mixing
  • Encoding Equipment and Operator
  • Published File on CD ROM
  • Published File uploaded and Stored for 12 months
  • Unlimited concurrent connections

On Site Duplication

The published presentations can be created on CDROM masters and duplicated with printed CD discs at the venue during the event.

No Slides Required

Deliver audio or video only, without slides, either live or on-demand.