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Budgets and Banking

AST Management has extensive experience in creating and managing both small and large scale budgets. We formulate conference budgets from the initial stages of planning or can integrate them with your organisations budget systems.

At all times along the conference management process, the budget is up to date, transparent and decipherable at all levels.  It is an important tool in evaluating and managing risk.

The budget is reviewed, revised and circulated prior to each committee meeting.

The benefits are:

  • Committee retention of financial control
  • Professional budget management with income and expenditure linked and the ability to provide timely reports
  • Bank account security
  • Credit card merchant facilities
  • GST management

The budget is a key part of the marketing plan; AST will assist with the development of a working budget for the conference, with an ‘overview’ document provided to the committee for the purposes of establishing the effects of different pricing scenarios and monthly cash flow and expenditure updates.

Banking, Financial and Risk Management

AST can accept payment by cheque, telegraphic transfer or credit card, arrange daily banking of funds and weekly reconciliation of all payments and maintain the accounts database, print receipts, tickets, and name tags for delivery to registrants at the event. We can arrange onsite banking and web based payment gateways.

We have a reputation as cost effective and diligent in managing client’s funds.

By trusting us to deliver on our promises, you can make the most of your time and energy in the development and delivery of your program. We have a wide range of services available which you can use in total or individually, depending on your needs.

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