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Sponsorship and Exhibition

AST can manage the full Exhibition and Sponsor process. We have experience with trade shows from 10 to 1000 booths, and regularly build marketing campaigns for our clients aimed at increasing sponsorship sales.

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AST Management can help find companies prepared to sponsor the event. We can also conduct the sales programs for your Trade Show or Exhibition, prepare proposals and trade kits.

When evaluating sponsorship, companies now look a number of issues.

In the past ten years, AST has secured over, $10 million in conference sponsorship and sold over 2,500 exhibition booths.

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Step one – Establish and document quantifiable marketing and/or communications objectives to be achieved through the support of the event or conference.

Step two – Conduct some research to establish that the event has the capability to deliver the required marketing and communication objectives.

Step three – The following points can be used for guidance in measuring the various outcomes of sponsorship. Measure your target audience actions/opinions due to past sponsorship.

Have they purchased or used any of your past sponsors product or services?   Do they intend to?

Measure the amount of publicity received and take particular note of whether your key messages were accurately transmitted to your target audience.  After every event make a habit of writing down everything that worked, everything that didn’t and identify ways of improving the sponsorship program. These Improvements can then be incorporated in to the next years Business Plan.

Step four – The evaluation should result in a cost benefit analysis associated with securing the sponsorship.

Step five – Revisit all previous sponsors and ask them for suggestions/feedback that can be used in attracting new supporters.

It is important to set measurable performance targets, it will give you a point of reference to strive for when setting objectives in your Business Plan.

Making the comparison generally improves the level of performance of your Project Manager and gives quantifiable points of reference to compare with.

Sponsorship, when used as a marketing or communications tool, must be subject to the same accountability as the use of advertising or public relations.

This requires:

  • Setting of relevant quantifiable objectives
  • Establishment of acceptable methods of Evaluation
  • Undertaking ongoing research
  • Measuring actual Return on Investment in Dollar terms
  • National companies, while still actively involved in sponsorship, will seek to justify expenditure based on this criteria, therefore proposals should address these points in the first instance!
  • Exhibition Management

Services include:

  • Develop and distribute a trade exhibition sales packages
  • Execute the Sales Campaign
  • Handle all enquires and sales of the trade booths
  • Manage all exhibition bookings and arrangements with contractors and participating companies.
  • Prepare all printed collateral.
  • Provide onsite management for the exhibition including bump in and bump out.
  • Co-ordinate the provision of morning and afternoon teas within the trade exhibition for delegates and exhibitors.
  • Co-ordinate the provision of lunches with appropriate seating within or very close to the trade exhibition for delegates and exhibitors.
  • Prepare and distribute exhibitor Kits.
  • Invoice and receipt all exhibition payments.
  • Arrange freight and loading dock services.
  • Manage booth construction and signage.
  • Manage all insurance issues.
  • Arrange direct mail or email campaigns to prospective sponsors or exhibitors.
  • Prepare, distribute and collate exhibitor/sponsor survey forms after the conference.
  • Arrange registration of exhibition or sponsor staff.
  • Arrange all accommodation requirements

“We work with committees and organisations to minimise costs associated with hosting a professional event. We show you how to use our resources and those of other suppliers more time efficiently, therefore more cost effectively, without compromising quality.”

We do not accept commisions, gifts, credits or any other benefit from suppliers to your events… we act as your agent and secure the best financial arrangements possible.